ATM Installation

The first ATM in NZ was installed in Wellington in 1981 by the Northern Building Society. We’ve been involved in the installation of Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) since those early days.

Key Commercial Interiors specialises in the physical installation of ATMs and is an installer for a majority of NZ's major banks. We have a strong history of completing nationwide, major roll-outs for our clients, delivering from 1 to 200 ATMs.

Key Commercial Interiors provides all of the specialised project management that is associated with ATM installations - we have dedicated and trained tradesmen, as the main contractor we organise all of the sub-trades, we oversee the whole package.

Safety is one of our highest priorities and strengths - we keep the working space safe and secure (Health & Safety is our priority), we're always fully aware it is a public space so we're always working to keep the public safe, we secure local council permits, we're used to working in very busy environments, we're always recommending new and improved products, and we work to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

While there’s talk of cash going out of fashion, ATMs are likely to still be around. Internationally, ATMs are used for more than just getting cash - in the US you can buy postage stamps at the ATM; in Spain, you can buy tickets to football matches; in Dubai, bars of gold; in California, you can even buy fresh cupcakes at an ATM.

We're also looking to the future - working with our clients to develop the future of ATMs in New Zealand.