Westpac ATM Rollout

Westpac ATM Rollout 2010 

During 2010 Key Commercial undertook an ATM refresh project for Westpac. This refresh project involved over 300 ATM's throughout New Zealand. To undertake the refresh the following was required:

  • Site Audits to ascertain what new components were needed;
  • Arranging manufacture of new pedestals/bases;
  • Drawing plans for new panels;
  • Preparing panels for vinyl graphics;
  • Freighting of all components (except for the ATM machine itself);
  • Arranging sub-contractors (Electricians, glaziers, concrete cutters, painters, etc);
  • De-installation of the existing ATM;
  • Installation of the new ATM.

Key Commercial Interiors Limited has affilates throughout New Zealand who assisted us in completing this project successfully.


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Westpac ATM Rollout

They have performed very well for us in the past, and I'm sure this will continue into the future.
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