The KEY Difference

Communication is the KEY

We endeavour to keep our clients up to date at all times. After all it's their baby. 

Ultimately it's about bringing the architects vision to fruition - that's what the client bought. What the architect has visualised, is what we're in the business of delivering.

Health and Safety is a top priority

We put particular effort into ensuring that project sites are:

  • Clean. (We know, builders have a bit of a reputation to the contrary.)
  • Safe. OSH standards and our own safety practices are rigorously adhered to and we're proud to say that we've maintained a clean OSH record for 30 years.

We provide some of the best craftspeople around

Many of our team have been with us 15+ years. The longevity of our team, coupled with our approach to apprenticeship and peer review ensures quality results.

Our team's experience gives the client confidence that we will do a quality job and we will complete the project on time. 

We use environmentally friendly materials and recycle as much as possible

Talk to us about the range of options in terms of 'green' construction materials.

Where possible we recycle timber, aluminium, steel, copper cables, cardboard, plastic and glass etc.

NZPost are very pleased with the outcome at Featherston street. You and your subbies were part of a big team effort that went very well and is most appreciated. Thank you once again.
Andrew Watson - Architect, NZIA (more)
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